Market Technician

Peter Brandt

A highly experienced market technician. Peter’s thoughts formed the basis of our risk management strategy. Peter reversed our thinking and expectations by anticipating that a new position has a strong possibility of being a loser. With this in mind, risk management, stops and position sizing become front and centre of your investment strategy. With this as his edge Peter can make great gains with his successful investments and keep his losses small.

Market Analyst

Brian Marber

The late great Brian Marber was a market analyst for over 50 years. He believed speculators paid little attention to what markets were actually saying. An expert in translating the language of markets, Brian’s sharp sense of humour makes his book ‘Marber on markets’ easily the most entertaining and useful technical analysis works to date.


Paul Arden

Creative director at Saatchi & Saatchi, a true free thinker in the field of advertising, Paul consistently challenges us to think. His short books are a work of art in originality and can’t help but inspire. His thoughts are a regular point of discussion for us and he has without doubt re-shaped how we see the world.