Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We’ve compiled a list of the most common questions we get. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, please don’t hesitate to get in touch for further help.


Signing up is easy – just head over to the Subscribe page and complete the simple form to get started.

The payment terms are monthly in advance in the currency of your choice. Simply use the dropdown menu to look up the subscription payable in your local currency.

Fine, just drop us an email with the currency of your choice and we will provide you with the relevant subscription amount.

You can cancel your subscription any time in the My Account section of our site. Once cancelled, you will not be billed in the next billing cycle.

Our Website

Your subscription entitles you to:

  • All our latest Signals including new Signals and Update Signals – click here for further details
  • Our Journal
  • Free access to any webinars we may hold in the future
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  • Access to us

A key part of our service is that it is driven by our subscribers. Therefore if you cannot see what you are looking for on our website we ask you to email in with a request and we will endeavour to supply you with the analysis you require within 24 hours.

Our analysis is as Objective as possible. Both fundamental and technical analysis can be highly subjective.

How is Objectivity achieved?

Our system is designed to generate Buy and Sell signals. There is no interpretation of chart analysis required. An asset is either in Buy or Sell. It cannot be in anything else!

At a Glance Capability

Our system is designed to deliver all the relevant information to you at a glance. By simply looking at one of our charts the following information is delivered to you:

  • Whether an asset is in Buy or Sell on our system
  • Where our stop loss is positioned
  • At a glance – Certainty
  • Our Signal is unambiguous on any asset – it is either in Buy or in Sell.

Driven by You.

Our website and its content are driven by our subscribers. This is achieved by subscribers emailing in with requests. In this way we ensure the website content is relevant to our you.

Remember – we proactively seek requests from our subscribers. So, if you cannot see anything relevant to you then it’s down to you!

The Cloud

‘The Cloud’ is a culmination of moving averages and momentum, it provides clear, visual feedback on any market at any time. Learn more about it here.

Buy signal is issued when Price moves above the cloud. A Sell signal is issued when price moves below the cloud. Learn more about it here.

How you use our signal is entirely up to you and at your own risk. You should consult with a regulated investment adviser before taking action in any event.

Investment Advice

Sorry, we cannot. This is a research and analytical forum only. We are not regulated to provide investment advice and if you should need this, please consult with a regulated investment adviser.

Sorry, we cannot. We are investment researchers not investment managers or advisers.

Sorry, no we are not able to give any form of investment guidance.

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