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70% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading spread bets and CFDs. (Source: IG Index Ltd)

75% of our published FlyStock signals provide a positive return. (Click here for details)

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The FlyStock indicator provides clear, visual feedback on any market, at any time.

Taking into account a blend of moving averages and momentum, it identifies major trends and allows us to stay on the correct side of them.

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Craig S / Manchester, UK

“The number of opportunities is breath-taking, I just wish I’d have had access to the TFS analysis 20 years ago.”

Andy H / Leeds, UK

“Thank you TFS for helping simplify my investment process and most importantly for tightening up my risk management process. I am now finally running my winning trades and culling my losing trades.”

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“Before TFS I had no idea how to start investing. Now thanks to them I do.”

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“I’ve been investing for over 30 years both professionally and privately. To have daily access to the TFS team and their analysis is a privilege.”

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“The TFS request service is great – it gives me direct access to the information I need.”

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